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Modern Femme™ 2017 Convention Ticket


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Mark your calendars!! May 4-6, 2017 in Virginia Beach, VA at the Founders Inn and Spa.

The $99 early bird rate is SOLD OUT! The monthly payment plans are SOLD OUT!

Scroll down to learn more about why you deserve a spot at the 2017 convention and to grab a super sneak peek at our speaker lineup! Are you ready to say yes to you?

289 in stock

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Product Description

Modern Femme™ 2017: Choose Your Own Adventure

May 4 – 6, 2017 at The Founder’s Inn in Virginia Beach, VA

What if there was a community of women, just like you, that shared ideas, believed we all deserve to succeed and were willing to show up, just as they are, to navigate the good days and the bad, in genuine love, interest, respect and acceptance? Is it possible? Can it be true? Will you show up? Have you met the real you?

Join career professionals, working moms, female entrepreneurs and thoughts leaders from all walks of life for a three day experience focusing on embracing joy during all seasons of life, learning how to leverage the ups and downs to thrive both personally and professionally. This year’s event will take our community deeper into the authentic living that allows us to celebrate our individuality, design a uniquely personal version of success and cultivate relationships that will equip, empower and encourage us all to leap into a life that activates professional growth while restoring personal wellness.

Attendees will be encouraged to choose from one of three different “tracks” to help focus their energy and purpose over the course of the three days.

(Note: You are choosing your OWN adventure, so you will not be locked into a track. You will be able to cross tracks as much or as little as you like! This system is designed to offer insight and guidance to those who need it, while also giving freedom and flexibility to those who prefer to wander.) 


Are you struggling to find the right words to describe exactly what’s not working in your life right now?
Do you feel guilty about the time you spend away from your family? Do you feel like you’re always falling short?

Do you believe that you are a perfectly unique, unrivaled and powerful contributor to your world? You are.

The Breakthrough selection of courses is designed for women who want to focus their exploration and learning on:

  • How to confidently embrace their own self-worth
  • How to navigate the personal challenges of life as a busy professional
  • How to encounter clarity and purpose in their personal and professional dreams
  • How to communicate their needs and expectations to the important people in their lives

This track is ideal for working moms, personal seekers, married couples and those who may be grappling with their personal confidence and clarity on who they are and how they will impact the world.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?
Do you get frustrated with figuring out exactly what you need to do next to grow your business?

Have you ever designed a detailed road map that activates your future as an entrepreneur? You can.

The Game Changer selection of courses is designed for women who want to focus their exploration and learning on:

  • How to navigate small business development and scalability
  • How to implement the processes that will set the stage for exponential growth
  • How to develop a personalized go-to-market strategy and authority as a brand influencer
  • How to blog effectively, rock social media and get it done across the board

This track is ideal for entrepreneurs, MLM direct sales representatives, and growth-thirsty business owners who need to get their ducks in a row to really take the next step. No more “playtime.”


Are you determined to succeed and affect massive change in this world?
Do you feel hungry, ready to race, excited to get out there and make it happen?

Do you know that there are women everywhere, ready and waiting to join you on your quest to greatness? You will.

The Power Up selection of courses is designed for women who want to focus their exploration and learning on:

  • How to make big waves in male dominant environments
  • How to fully activate the CEO mindset
  • How to step into your power as a transformational leader
  • How to channel your ambition and skill set to drive professional growth

This track is ideal for women in leadership and career professionals looking to dig in, get their hands dirty and make it happen in a very big way. It’s time to take those big ambitions and even bigger dreams and bring them to life, personally and professionally.

Want a sneak peek into some of our speakers and sessions (This is just a teeny tiny selection of the awesome that is coming!)?

  • Belinda Ginter: Supersize Your Desires by Removing Negative Past Family Programming
  • Danielle Tate: The Power of Finding & Harnessing Your Story for Success
  • Raewyn Sangari: The 5 Pieces of Self-Love
  • Debbie Laughlin: This (St)age of Me: Fine, I’m Your B*tch (Being In Total Control of Her)
  • Gina Folk: The People Leader’s Compass and Discover Your Power
  • Dr. Rachel & Bobby Scott: Is Your Relationship Draining Your Business?
  • Stephanie Nissen: Social Selling Tactics to Grow Your Business
  • Marlo Ellis: Becoming a #FeminineBadAss
  • Felicia Ford: 10 Steps to Whole-listically Living
  • Martha Brettschneider: Quiet Your Inner Critic, Achieve True Calm, and Clarify Your Purpose Through Mindfulness Practice
  • Danijel & Melissa Velicki: Small Business Ownership is a Family Affair!
  • Nikki Raush: Buying Signals – Converting Casual Conversations Into Sales

Also joining us!

MFM 2016 Attendee turned Motivational Speaker, Megan Hall 

Amy Oestreicher from Gutless & Grateful and the #LoveMyDetour Campaign

All registered attendees will receive access to replay footage from all sessions to watch at home. Live stream access will also be available, courtesy of our friends at ViewItDoIt.

We can’t wait to show you the newly designed Coaches Corner, where you’ll have intimate access to expert business, life and wellness coaches from around the world, the brand new MFM Bookstore with our official librarian, Emily Steadman, who will be coordinating author chats and book signings, and our Creative Space, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore, find peace and relax by stretching your artistic soul. Stay tuned for more information about V.I.P. access, and the MFM Spa Retreat in partnership with the Flowering Almond Spa.


If you are planning to book a hotel room for the weekend, do so here to grab the special discounted rate:

The group code is: 524890

The convention is the same weekend as Regent University’s graduation, so hotel rooms will be a hot commodity. Don’t wait until the last minute to grab yours!

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