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Modern Femme™ 2016 Convention Replays


24 hours of downloadable learning from the 2016 Modern Femme™ convention! Scroll down to get the inside scoop on all of the awesome insights that are just a click of your mouse away!

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Product Description

Did you miss the 2016 Modern Femme™ Convention? We missed you! Really – We did! But we have great news – You don’t have to worry! You know that funny little thing called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Well, we took care of everything.

We have all of the keynote sessions available for you to download and experience, all from the comfort of your own home!

Each presentation was professionally recorded by videography experts (check out We Are The Mitchells) and all have been remastered in individual recordings that you will be able to download and save. So, not only do you get to dig in and experience the power of the 2016 event right now, but you’ll also be able to listen to them again and again, whenever you need a boost!

The following 24 sessions are included with your purchase. Yes, you read that right. 24 sessions, about 1 hour each! That’s 24 hours of learning for $149.99. That means each session is just over $6. WHAT?! For the price of a Starbucks coffee, you can access an hour of learning from a leading expert who poured out their hearts to get your professional and personal life back on track.

SO…what are you waiting for?! Let’s do this thing!

The Nerd Factor: How to Be Irresistible in the Digital Age
Elevate Your Business: Capitalize on Your Niche & Grow Your Bottom Line
Let Your Freak Flag Fly: Embracing Your Uniqueness and Finding Success
Your Powerful Presence Precedes Strategies
The Time is Now: Why You Should Start Living Your Dream Today
Embracing Fear and Change: Why Leave a Successful Career to Start Something New
Red Light, Green Light: Using a S.W.O.T. Analysis to Move Your Business Full Speed Ahead
How You and Your Business Can Thrive on Twitter
Change of Heart: From Passion to Profit
Open, Ask, Offer, Accept! Create Empowering Relationships
10 steps to Lifestyle Management for the Millennial Woman
How to be a Rock Star by Living/Breathing Customer Service
Critical Conversations: Secrets to Successful Communication
Cawfeetawk: Real Women are a Work in Progress
The Law of Attraction: Embrace The Girl Power Around You (Don’t be that B.)
From Mompreneur to Profit Maven : The Art of 7-Figure Sales Funnels Revealed
What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?
Finding Balance between Family, Farm and Business
Stepping Into Your Greatness, One Heel Toe at a Time!
The Truth about Super Woman: Lessons on Happiness while Learning to Fly
Put Yourself on the List: Self Care for the Entrepreneur
Nourishing the Nurturer
Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur? The Secrets & Success of Identifying & Leveraging the Difference
Business Strategy: The $500 Start Up

Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email with the instructions to download the password protected video files. If you run into any problems, we are here to help! info@modernfemme.com.

By the way…be sure to grab your ticket for the 2017 event! We can’t wait to see you!


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    Dear Lord….Where on earth do I start!!!! First off, Thank you!!! Thank you for seeing something in me before even really knowing me intimately that you felt would bring something special to Modern Femme! As I was getting to know ladies this weekend, We were from all walks of life with different backgrounds. Yet we shared so many of the same struggles, we also shared some of the same triumphs! You two are remarkable women. Your desire to bring women together and give them a support system – a tribe, a platform is truly a living testament of God shining his light in you. And the evidence was a weekend full of women celebrating each other in their strength and weakness simultaneously. There is something about perfect imperfectness without apology that brings about unity. To be mature in immaturity is really wisdom. Knowing- that though I still have room to grow, Im enough NOW, Leap out and share my gifts with the world NOW, I’ll probably make more mistakes and even WHEN I do, its okay. My tribe is here, they got me and they love me anyway. And my favorite, Someone has already been there, survived, has the t-shirt and probably wrote a book about it too, so I think you’ll make it!! Feel free to use these in memes and hashtags! lol! But seriously thank you! I feel so humbled by the opportunity to be a speaker and be apart of such a huge movement! God Bless you and your ministry!

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    MFM2016 was a powerhouse of energy, from the first keynote to the speaker who closed the event, there was SO much talent, wisdom and brilliance shared. I highly recommend it for a booster to your motivation, a way to expand your network and to gain new business system knowledge!

    I was thoroughly impressed with the organizers and participants of Modern Femme Movement 2016’s conference. With so many inspirational speakers and an audience thirsty for wisdom, the environment was infused with transformational energy. I witnessed hearts and minds opening, purposeful goal setting, and self-care elevated to its proper place in the hierarchy of our business and life plans. Watching this new paradigm unfold is thrilling. Can’t wait for #MFM2017!

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    I always felt like an outsider, like my ideas were not on par with the norm, or with what was popular. It’s the social outcast feeling in me that’s stopped my being more creative, due to fear of rejection or mockery. I even attended more popular and widely known conventions, to try to feel like I was more like everyone, because surely that would make me successful? What I’ve discovered with age (and hopefully wisdom) is that I’m NOT everyone else. And, I’m GOOD with that. I can be unique and creative and powerful and different, and STILL FIT IN. And here at MFM2016, I DID. I was accepted, hugged more than I’ve ever been, and given the chance to meet other diverse women and men who inspired and pushed me to challenge myself. I was home.

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    I am extremely grateful to the Modern Femme™Movement convention because it gave me an amazing platform and opportunity to come out and launch my business. I am passionate about what I have been doing but when Katy and Somer took me on board they gave me so much support & encouragement to come out & showcase my handmade products. It was inspiring and worked well for me as I didn’t just launch my products but the convention had sessions where I learned priceless lessons from women who had walked that road. Prior to that I had had free coaching through MFM from Dr Rachel Scott and it was brilliant. MFM connected me with so many women who have become friends, mentors and sisters cheering me on. The feeling of acceptance, love and support is amazing!

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    Modern Femme changed my whole perspective on relationships with other women and my business mindset. The information was so amazing. It allowed me to reach inside and get in touch with my passion. The coaches corner literally changed everything. I went into the convention with all these excuses as to why I couldn’t start right now. Now I am ready to bloom. This convention made a world of a difference. I feel like a whole different person. Thank you ladies!

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    #MFM2016 is a retreat that no woman can afford to miss. The massive personal growth I experienced through emotional and mental self-awareness was astounding. I was not prepared for the phenomenally positive impact that #MFM2016 would have on me. This event is going to be a staple in my life for years to come.

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    MODERN FEMME 2016 was AMAZING. The powerful connections made, seeds planted, transformations born…it’s hard to put into words that will do it justice. All I can say is BUY YOUR TICKET!

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    Anywhichway, it was an experience I will deeply cherish and never forget.

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