Meet the Founders: Katy Blevins Calabrese & Somer Chambley

“I need your help.”

With one simple statement of truth and humility, Somer Chambley breathed Modern Femme™ to life by reaching out to her friend, industry peer and competitor, Katy Blevins, to come on board as her partner at The Studio Hampton Roads. Pregnant with her third child, Somer knew that the budding studio space would quickly outpace her available time as a busy mom to three. Instead of stumbling along on her own, sacrificing her family time and personal sanity, she took a leap of faith and asked for help. Mom to twin toddlers and a preteen, with a marriage teetering in the balance and later coming to a difficult end, Katy was no stranger to the challenges of bringing a professional dream into being while also protecting her life’s greatest work as a mother.

Katy Blevins Calabrese & Somer Chambley

With the forging of that partnership, The Studio Hampton Roads tripled in size in just under a year. Katy and Somer recently sold the flourishing local business to focus on the global dialogue at Modern Femme™, remaining very much involved with the business that started it all. They continue to mentor and encourage the three women who have also seen the possibility for greater success by choosing collaboration over competition, taking their own leap of faith to continue serving the creative community.

“When I tried to save my marriage on my own, I fell woefully short and found myself in a very lonely, dark place. I was tired of lying to my friends, family and peers. The pressure to only show the world my highlight reel was overwhelming. I finally realized that no one was asking me to be perfect and I started getting honest with myself and the people most important to me. I discovered my life’s true purpose while working through my pain with the help, encouragement and love of people who were and are genuinely committed to helping me thrive. Once you experience that type of acceptance and unconditional support, you can’t stop yourself from wanting to help others discover that same power. Modern Femme™ is how I live out my faith and continue to challenge myself to stay connected and not fall back into old habits and routines that don’t serve me, my children, my new husband or my community. I am grateful and humbled by the opportunity to help others find their own healing and restoration in Modern Femme™.”

“My life as a Marine helicopter pilot was unpredictable yet purposeful. I took comfort in the direct routines and mission-centric habits that allowed me to thrive with clarity and authority. In a male dominant field, I was well-trained in leadership and how to project confidence while tempering my emotions, especially during three combat tours to Iraq and several life-threatening incidents. When I transitioned from active duty to life as a stay at home mom, I encountered new personal and professional challenges that I never anticipated. I struggled to define my worth without the clear rules and objectives of the military and truth be told, I still battle PTSD, insecurity and feelings of failure, even as I celebrated the beauty of life as a mother. Modern Femme™ has helped me to reclaim my personal self-worth and ability to thrive as myself, emotions and all, realizing that the people in my life love and accept me exactly as I am and have no expectations of perfection. I get to be my best me, as a mom and business owner, wife, friend and self. I am enough.”

Katy Blevins Calabrese
Katy Blevins CalabreseCEO

With over a decade of experience in sales and marketing, Katy was recently recognized as a 2016 Inside Business Women in Business honoree. An avid writer, Katy is the founding voice behind Chaos & Kiddos and contributes regularly to a variety of respected media outlets, including Scott’s Local Business Corner: The Drive, The Huffington Post, The International Bloggers Association, She Knows: Experts Among Us,, The Female Entrepreneur Association, Inside Business, Curatti, UK Linkology and more. She also serves as the local chapter leader of the Hampton Roads Business Among Moms group and speaks regularly to small business groups, entrepreneurial circles, workshops for professional women and working moms, high school classes, virtual seminars and public events.

You can tune into to WKQA Freedom 1110AM every Monday morning at 11AM ET or listen in nationally at to hear Katy as the host of Modern Femme™ radio.

Somer ChambleyCOO