Be a Leader!

Building your tribe and embracing your personal definition of success is an everyday decision to show up, be vulnerable, share, celebrate and grow among your friends and peers. Our annual convention is awesome (have you grabbed your ticket yet?!), but a one time affair isn’t enough to keep you fueled, refreshed, supported, challenged and encouraged 365 days a year.

That’s why we’ve created an online ecosystem designed to help you stay connected
with working moms, female entrepreneurs and professional women just like you.

Peruse recent articles, add comments, ask questions and dig in among your friends as we all work towards a more meaningful life that celebrates our unrivaled purpose and allows us to thrive in unapologetic peace. Keep your eyes peeled for:

And best of all…it’s FREE. That’s right! You can join as a user at any time just by clicking the “Join Us!” button at the top of the page and setting up your individual profile.

So, what are you waiting for? Welcome home!

Interested in becoming a Community Leader?

Do you have a group of followers, friends or team members that you manage and lead?

The Modern Femme™ ecosystem is designed to welcome you home by providing an environment that promotes collaboration, cross-pollination, purposeful referrals and well-organized group management…all in one place. That’s right! Drop the silo effect and start weaving your community web among other groups, interested individuals and affiliated tribes.

Community leaders get an all access pass to all of the amazing technology and features that drive effective group management and online engagement. Peace of mind, laser beam focus and precision clarity on future initiatives with limitless access to new business opportunities. Your community will thrive!

Your success is our success.


Interested in Becoming a Service Partner?

The Modern Femme™ Service Partners are individuals, businesses, programs and groups with like-minded missions to equip and empower working moms, female entrepreneurs and professional women as they navigate personal growth and professional wellness.

Our Service Partners are our most trusted resources and our first line of recommendations when it comes to accessing the experts, products and services our community needs to thrive. Our top tier Service Partners have already introduced themselves to the Modern Femme™ ecosystem by building their online reputations as Community Leaders. Our secondary Service Partners are listed as trusted experts in their field but do not have a hosted community within Modern Femme™.

All Service Partners are subject to approval. LEARN MORE HERE!