What could you accomplish in your business

if you had your very own personal circle of trusted peers continually contributing ideas, support and direction to your success as an entrepreneur?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by future planning and concerns about your business but have nowhere to turn and no one to ask the real, dig deep questions that are keeping you up at night?

Do you feel like you’re running in circles, pushing towards business growth, but never quite getting it right? Are you struggling with driving to the ‘how, when, where and why’ that will scale your business?

Your long–term success depends on your ability to access a core community of like–minded people who will challenge you to break through the glass ceiling and take your business to the next level.

We hear you. We’ve been there. In fact, we ARE there. Right now, with you! Working hard to figure out exactly what will make your business ‘tick’ for the long haul.

So we’ve developed a new program and partnership
with YOU and YOUR SUCCESS in mind.

Modern Femme™ and AccelerateHER have come together to provide you with an award–winning program that equips female entrepreneurs just like you with the skills, support and resources you need to break through the glass ceiling and scale your business as confident, prepared CEOs.

As a part of our community at Modern Femme™, you are personally invited to join The JunipHER Project, a one–year virtual business accelerator developed specifically for independent women business owners who are looking for the next step that will chart their journey towards long–term success.

Developed by women for women, The JunipHER Project addresses the common challenges to growth by leveraging a uniquely female approach and combining it with the support of other business owners and experts from across the country. This program provides you with confidence by way of knowledge, practical tools, a support community, momentum and achievement through accountability.

Building your business is your life’s great work; we have the tools you need to construct your professional vision with clarity, purpose and control.

When you participate in The JunipHER Project, you will develop and execute a clear customized strategy that will grow your business and achieve your goals.

You will:

  • Develop the financial fluency that will empower your decision-making and future planning as the CEO and owner of your company.
  • Price your services effectively and confidently charge what you’re worth in your marketplace.
  • Craft the goals, metrics and systems that will drive a motivated, effective team.
  • Build a competent advisory board of trusted peers that will share your vision for growth and success as a profitable business.

Confident women business owners thrive in a dynamic environment that:

  • Delivers practical pools and focused enrichment
  • Offers genuine support in a trusted community
  • Drives momentum with purpose and planning
  • Measures achievement through accountability

You are no longer on this journey alone.

The JunipHER Project and Modern Femme™ are here to provide the support and training that you need, every step of the way. The future is yours for the taking!


Here’s what women who have already experienced The JunipHER Project are saying about the program

The JunipHER program has challenged me to focus on solutions that will allow my company to grow.  I appreciate the 1 year length of the program which has allowed me to incorporate the modules at a pace that works for my busy life of home and career balance.  The support calls have been instrumental in exposing me to the different successes and challenges that other business women are facing in a safe and supportive environment.  By giving me the tools to dream bigger about my business, it has given me the confidence to recently have a conversation about my company merging with another company to better service our market.  The program is relevant, user friendly, high quality and supportive.

Jessica Morel, OWNER | Keller Williams Realty East Valley

The JunipHER Project has had a great influence and impact to my business. I have been in business for 12 years, and was at a turning point in the business as to which direction I should pursue next. I have been wanting to grow…but just didn’t know how to get there, or if growing was even the right decision for me and my business. I have a strong, profitable business, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to rock the apple cart, so to speak! The JunipHER Project has given me direction and a structured path to follow. It offers opportunities to share and question day-today business challenges, and how to overcome them. They have great tools to help you really look at your business and evaluate what it is you are currently doing, and where do you want to go in the future. The support network from the leaders of this Project, along with the other women is awesome! I’m so grateful to have been selected to this professional group of business women, and look forward to the rest of the Project, and the direction it will help me take my business! Thanks for the opportunity to contribute!

Trez Robinson, OWNER | Staged to Sell

The JunipHER Project has been a valuable tool in gaining knowledge and insight on various aspects of running my firm. The interactive pieces, coupled with group collaboration and support has been fabulous. From funding to developing/ tweaking my strategic plan, the program has helped me to expand my business into new markets across the country. Zee and Francine have been wonderful to work with over the last year! Kudos!

Courtney Buzzell, OWNER | Proximo Marketing

My involvement in the JunipHER Project has helped me move my business forward on several levels. My focus has broadened by being more goal and planning oriented rather than a constant day to day juggling of duties. I’ve also seen where I can shift my leadership within my team to be more inclusive rather than dictative. Several systems of measurement and tracking have been implemented in our operations as well to maximize our resources and efforts.

Chris Farishon, Discover Teas

And guess what? Your founders at Modern Femme™, Somer and Katy, are also graduates of the JunipHER Project! That’s right! It was important for them to intimately understand and experience every aspect of the program before determining if it was the best fit and next step for the community of women at Modern Femme™. Here’s what they have to say:

When we first entered the JunipHER project, it was to review and test it as a potential resource for the women we serve at Modern Femme™. I never in a million years would have guessed that it would serve as the keystone and complete overhaul that we didn’t even know we needed. The program challenged and inspired us at every turn. It asked the hard questions, built a support network that helped us better understand our goals and purpose, and set us on firm ground, with a long-term plan and a confidence that we had been missing. We are over the moon excited for the future of Modern Femme™ and KNOW we have the people, systems and plans in place that will help us serve professional women, female entrepreneurs and working moms on a global scale!

Katy Blevins Calabrese
CEO | Modern Femme™

The JunipHER Project reminded us that other professional women are experiencing the same challenges and limiting beliefs that we are grappling with as entrepreneurs and working moms. We were pushed hard to dig deep and consider how we were holding our progress back and given specific tools, activities and processes that would chart our course towards long-term scalability. We didn’t even realize how far off course we were until we encountered the support calls that gave us the intimate insights and loving critiques we needed to hear to make important changes as the leaders and founders. We can’t say enough about how effective the program is, from the inside out! It’s a huge win for us and for the community as a whole. We are honored and blessed to be able to share this opportunity with other women and can’t wait to hear how it impacts their personal and professional growth as entrepreneurs!

Somer Chambley
COO | Modern Femme™

Meet Zee and Francine, your fearless leaders at AccelerateHER

Zee Worstell, Founder/CEO

Zee Worstell is passionate about helping women business owners achieve growth in their businesses and earn what they’re worth.  She started AccelerateHER in 2011 to focus on helping women understand the importance pricing plays in the success of their business. Zee published her first book “Earn What You’re Worth: A Good Girls Guide to Asking For More” in 2012.  A powerful speaker, Zee blends her education and business background and electrifies her audiences with real world tips designed to change their mindset around growing their businesses so they can earn more immediately. Zee is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University.

Francine Spinelli, COO

Francine Spinelli joined AccelerateHER as a partner after a diverse background in business and government. She most recently worked as the Director of Finance for a software start-up, helping them to achieve multi-million dollar status.  As a military wife and mother, she understands the challenges facing women who strive to succeed in their businesses and wants to see women being valued for what they contribute to the marketplace.  Francine has earned degrees from the University at Albany and Harvard University.


When you join the program you will take the journey with 10 — 12 other women.  With that group you will get acceptance, support and guidance.  We start classes as soon as 10 women apply and qualify.  Get started on your journey towards greater success today.